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A book without reviews is a book not yet published.

Reseñan Sancho is a site to connect writers with literary reviewers.

We know that a literary review can be positive or negative, but the most important thing is it has to be honest.

Not only to publicize our novel but to improve as writers, reviews are a very important part of the editorial process.

Reseñan Sancho (They Review Sancho) takes its name from the famous phrase: 'They bark, Sancho, sign that we ride'.

Books for Literary Reviewers.

If you have a literary blog, you are a booktuber or a bookstagramer, or you just love writing reviews of the books you read, on goodreads or amazon, we know that you will always be interested in discovering a new writer.

Create your account to find books and connect with their authors. They will thank you and will be willing to send you a copy of their novel.

In addition, you will participate in review contests, group reading proposals and book launches in your country.

Promotion for writers.

The best way to promote your novel is someone else talking about it.

A literary review is a reader recommending a book to other readers.

If you want to start publicizing your work, create your account and start offering your Book hundreds of literary reviewers interested in the genre of your novel.